Episode 53 – Ralph Stan cannot tell all

In this episode Audra, Kathy and Jess interview Ralph Stankowski. Ralph has been autocrossing for over 20 years and lends great insight into appropriate course design and has some great tips for novices. We also find out that most of his funniest stories can never be shared. Luckily there are still some real gems that come to light. Join us for an insightful and fun conversation.

Ralph’s Exocet in action on the autocross course

Episode 51 – The Danasode

Jess, Kathy and Audra interview the father and son team Dana Sr. and Dana II Nigorski. Dana II came with a mission to refute claims by our prior guest John Swig. Dana Sr. gets us started in the most appropriate way possible for a Shifting Points episode. And yes this means that you should heed our cautions on the language. The topics covered include hilarity that ensued on various jobs held by Dana II, garage envy, electric cars, drag racing and (naturally) autocross. This conversation is interspersed with sirens, dog barking, can opening and drink making. It was a wild night and we hope you find it as entertaining as we did.

Episode 49 – Swig – Part Deux

Kathy, Jess and Audra bring Xander Swig back to run through his list of 57 cars he has autocrossed. We may have digressed a bit from the main topic with off-topic discussions including mid vs. front vs. rear engine cars, blinker usage, speed wipers, speed horn and logos among other things. And we were excited, and amused, to find out that there is one car that Kathy knows. 

As you listen, please keep in mind that we are not kidding about the drinks, we may have had some.

Swig is fantastic with the Interwebs
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Episode 48 – Sasha and Amora are exhausted but happy

In this episode Kathy and Audra get to chat with Sasha and Amora who are an adorable father/daughter autocross duo. Not only do we hear insights into Sasha’s inspiration and experience, we also get to hear about how Amora, at just 18, is seeking to inspire other young people to engage in motorsports. We hope you enjoy their story as much as we did!

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Episode 47 – Saturday Night DeBrief NJMP Lemons

Jess and Audra had the fabulous, amazing and incredible experience of driving at a 24 Hours of Lemons event at NJMP (Yokohama Real Hoopties of NJ!!), courtesy of Garage Heroes in Training. The whole team includes Bill Fischer, Vicki Fischer, Jen Skripchuk and Jess and Audra as they discuss the day, the cars, the atmosphere, THE CAR and all of their experiences from day 1 of this 24 Hours of Lemons event.

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Episode 46 – Subie Offroad and Softroad with Jasmyn Johnson

We had a very interesting conversation with Jasmyn Johnson who participates and coordinates off-road and soft-road adventures with her Subaru Crosstrek. We learn what those terms (and several others) actually mean, and what the rules are when planning these runs. She gives us some how-tos and advice on how to get started. We also talk about the common elements of all car-related activities. Spoiler alert – good people and food!

Exploring state parks sounds like a lot of fun. We hope you enjoy learning about it as much as we did!

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