Short Shift 3 – So NH Cars and Coffee – Take 1

Shifting Points was a sponsor for Southern New Hampshire Cars and Coffee. Kathy and Audra check out the car scene and provide a hilarious (if uninformed) running commentary on the sights and sounds of the event. As a bonus, they got a few minutes to talk to the event organizer, MaeLynn Filteau.

Audra and Kathy

SP will be back again as a sponsor on September 20, 2020, so be sure to come on up and check it out.

Episode 21 – When Do You Stop The Madness?

In this episode Kathy, Elizabeth and Audra discuss the dilemma of older cars and when do you decide it is time to give up and stop fixing it?

In this episode:

  • We discuss Solo Nationals cancellation
  • Give some updates on COVID impacts
  • Is cost or time the biggest factor in deciding to stop fixing an old car?
  • How do you fool a used car sales person?
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Episode 20 – COVID – Course Design and Corn Muffins

BMWCCA autocross co-chair Matt Cweika and autocrosser and course designer Justin Chen join the ladies this week to talk about what it’s like to autocross in a post-COVID world. Justin also talks a little bit about what kind of thought goes into designing a course. Spoiler alert: A lot!

Justin Chen. Photo by Douglas Levy

In this episode:

  • Autocrossing a Lexus station wagon
  • Becoming a course designer for autocross
  • Post-Covid autocross events
  • Socializing at events post-Covid
  • Worker assignments with less people
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Episode 19 – Car Woes

The four ladies (Audra, Jess, Kathy and Elizabeth) sit down to talk about Kathy’s car woes, Elizabeth’s Porsche update, and how the first post-COVID autocross event went.

In this episode:

  • Flat tires and Audi brakes.
  • Power washers on fire, convertible tops that won’t retract.
  • Products for removing decal and plastidip residue.
  • Is the paint washed off your license plates? Newer ones are cheaper than you think.
  • Why it’s a good idea to find out how much transmission oil you need ahead of time.
  • Race car update!
  • Finding the wheel torque settings for your car.
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Episode 18 – The Best Co-Chair Ever

In this episode Audra, Jess and Kathy talk to Matt Cwieka, Co-Chair of the Boston BMW CCA Autocross program, who takes us on his journey from novice to competing nationally, including the story of all of his cars along the way.

In this episode:

  • Novice car errors
  • The slippery slope of autocross addiction
  • Blowing up cars and learning how to replace an engine
  • Being a Co-Chair is lots of work
  • How Covid will change autocross
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Episode 17 – The Sisterhood of Don’t Wear Jeans

Audra and Elizabeth sit down with fellow autocrosser Lisa Burke and discuss all things Porsche, Miata, track, and autocross.

In this episode:

  • Catastrophic engine failure on an ‘01 Miata
  • How Lisa got into autocross
  • What’s a Ground School?
  • What coronavirus track events might look like
  • “Track Skittles”
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Episode 15 – Car Movies and Quarantine

In this quarantine edition of the Shifting Points Podcast, Audra, Jess and Kathy stay home and discuss motorsports movies, round-robin style. Well specifically – what Kathy likes, what Audra doesn’t like, and Jess’ favorite car chase scenes.

In this episode:

  • Audra’s number 1 hated car movie.. and why it’s pretty understandable.
  • Kathy spoils the ending of a very old movie.
  • The correlation between peas and the Fast and Furious franchise.
  • The ladies have some shifting points about the Transporter movies.
  • The bottom of the barrel is reached.
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Episode 14 – Tedward Drives

The Shifting Points ladies are joined by Tom Coletta, creator and writer of the Tedward YouTube channel with over 30k subscribers where he posts car-related videos on a regular basis.

In this episode:

  • Lack of participation in car club events among underrepresented groups.
  • Let’s get rid of labeling people!
  • Underrepresented groups have seen significant progress in 20 years!
  • You can be gay, and you can be a women, you just can’t be a jerk!
  • Why Tom thinks BMW drivers are the worst. Or does he?
  • Tom paints a compelling argument to hit the track.
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Show notes:

Tom’s YouTube channel:

Episode 13 – Jess’ Dilemma

The ladies gather and discuss Jess’ current dilemma of off-season tire buying. What DO you put on a retired autocross car but still want to have some fun? Lots of questions this week. We can’t wait for your thoughts. 

In this episode:

  • Recap of some of what the ladies are currently driving
  • What tires should Jess buy?
  • Would you rather swap a wheel/tire set or remount tires?
  • Tire reviews are subjective.
  • Is a 200k mile car ready to call it quits just yet?
  • To swap wheels before hobbies or not to swap?

Head over to the Shifting Points Podcast Facebook page to cast your vote on what YOU would do.

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