Short Shift 2 – Race Car Update With a Side Of Rice

A quick note after our holiday break so Elizabeth can tell about her 944 race car build status. Spoiler alert: Things don’t always go right. 

In this episode:

  • Elizabeth’s current 944 race car build status
  • Her quick Track Night America recap
  • A $1000 extra car
  • Lessons learned while using strong cleaning products.
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Short Shift 1 – Where Are We?

Welcome to our first Short Shift, a mini-podcast of sorts! The ladies are at Foxwoods (errrr, Mohegan Sun? Do they even know where they are?) testing out the high-speed gas powered karts at Monza Karting in Connecticut.

Listen for a quick review of the track , thoughts on crowding, getting bumped, and how good it feels to pass someone.

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Episode 11 – Our Guests Just Can't Hold Back

Laura Rosen joins the ladies to chat about her autocross and track adventures in her Corvette Stingray.

In this episode:

  • Swapping winter tires
  • Some good (and bad) experiences at the tire shop
  • Autocrossing in the cold weather vs hot weather
  • Spinning out is both fun and frustrating
  • Autocrossing front wheel vs rear wheel drive
  • Autocrossing a large car vs a small car
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Episode 9 – Chang and the Hyper What

In this episode of Shifting Points, the ladies chat with Chang Ho Kim, owner of FunHondas in Maynard, MA. Chang Ho Kim also happens to be a fantastic instructor, tire expert, autocrosser, rallycrosser, ice racer, and hyper-miler. Don’t worry. It will all make sense.

In this episode:

  • What’s a safety run?
  • SCCA Solo Nationals.
  • Why instructors are awesome and you should use them. 
  • Teaching kids how to drive.
  • Testing tires.
  • Hyper miling. Yes, it’s a thing.
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Show Notes

Episode 8 – EVO and Moore

In this Episode Kathy and Audra talk with Amanda Moore, Autocrosser, Archer and track junkie. Kathy and Amanda give us a review of Evolution Performance Driving School and we learn a whole lot about brakes!

We also learned a lot about recording in a bar, how we should pack batteries in our podcast kit, and some other stuff. But that’s a podcast for a different day.

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Episode 7 – Adventures of a Car Girl

MaeLynn Filteau joins Kathy and Audra to talk about her experiences planning car club events such as runs and rallies (spoiler alert: Always say thank you to the event organizers!). But before she talks about what really goes into planning a car club event, she talks about her love of all things Mini (and MINI). 

In this episode:

  • What goes into planning a car club event
  • What not to do at a car club event
  • The challenges of planning events
  • How to keep the majority happy
  • Event scope creep
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Show Notes:

Episode 6 – Kimsoo Gopnik and the wonders of KARTING

Kimsoo is a 15-year old who has been doing karting with SCCA as long as we have been doing autocross. There are many things we could say, but Kimsoo says everything better than we ever could, so we’ll just let her take the wheel for this episode. 

In this episode:

  • What’s junior karting
  • How to get your kids involved
  • How to get your own kart (and should you?)
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Episode 5 – Keeping up with the Guenthners

Today we sit down with the Guenthners – Bob, and his son Dylan. 

Bob is a funny guy and a fantastic autocrosser, but it’s 12-year old Dylan who steals this week’s show. We were super impressed with Dylan, who competes at indoor/outdoor karting and shares his experiences as he sits down with us behind a massive spread of trophies in front of him.

In this episode:

  • League karting for kids and adults
  • Non-league karting
  • Yes, Bob really autocrossed with a Camaro and a Dodge Magnum
  • The benefits of autocrossing on an airport runway
  • Bob’s experiences as an instructor
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Show notes and links:

Indoor/Outdoor karting leagues at X1 Boston (Braintree, MA)

Episode 4 – After Autocross Bar Shenanigans

Join the ladies as they reflect on the day’s autocross course and how they felt about it, along with a few guests who talk about what they were driving and how they got into local car clubs. 

In this episode:

  • New, young drivers reflecting on what they’ve learned from autocross
  • The Tire Rack Street Survival School for new drivers 
  • What makes for a good autocross day?
  • How to find car clubs to drive with
  • It’s OK to come to an event and know nothing about cars
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Show notes and links–  Tire Rack Street Survival School for teens

Episode 3 – Some basics for the autocross novice

Join Elizabeth, Audra and Kathy as we take you through everything you need to know to survive your first autocross event.

What we’re covering in this episode:

  • What the heck is autocross?
  • Trust us – Everyone gets first-event nerves
  • What can you expect at an event?
  • Options for putting numbers on the car
  • What’s a tech inspection?
  • The ladies have some shifting points about tire pressure and torquing wheels 
  • Getting a work assignment
  • Seating, buckling, and holding the wheel properly
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