Episode 37 – Holding hands while driving fast

Audra, Jess and special Co-Host Mark Joyce sit down with autocrossing couple Doug DeFonzo and Laura Rosen. What you will miss on this episode is the delicious homemade maple ice cream that Laura brought. What you will get is a great conversation about how this couple started autocross, how they help and encourage each other and a whole bunch of other random conversations with good stuff about improving at Autocross and how supportive motorsports people really are.

Some bits from our discussion:

  • You don’t make it up all in one piece of the course
  • Seat time really is the key to getting faster
  • It’s hard to drive fast when you are holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes
  • Just because you are in first place, doesn’t mean that you can’t complain
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Mark Joyce using GPS/feedback apps while autocrossing

Episode 24 – Corvettes are like potato chips

Kathy, Jess and Audra chat with Mike Banas and Mark Joyce about, well, Corvettes. Mark and Mike provide some great information about various models and characteristics and we talk about our favorite topic, autocross. Mike, an experienced Novice Coach, lends valuable advice for novices and Mark regales us with tales of his first event nightmares. And, Kathy is still trying to figure out what car she rolled out of.

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