Episode 32 – The Yikes Peak Escudon’t

In this episode we find out what happens when you decide to enter a LeMons race and the car you’re building breaks in half. For these two brothers, Josh and Mark Fuller, you build an inside joke that turns into an internet sensation.

Join us for the journey of the car called The Yikes Peak Escudon’t. We had a great talk and lots of laughs with them and covered many topics, including:

  • How to prep yourself and your car to pass inspection your first time out.
  • The importance of reading the rules and playing by the rules.
  • Craft projects better known as a giant red wing.
  • The trouble with passing Cressidas.
  • Shoutout to Roger Getsner, who built their rollcage and was part of the team Jason Hopkins, who did a ton of networking for them, and Brian Hirth, who fed them really awesome food.

And we picked our new favorite quote:

“It was awful. It was terrible. It was the most fun I’ve ever had.”

Josh Fuller

You can find them on Instagram: @YikesPeakEscudont