Off Road 3 – Black Pearl – Fitness not pirates

Jess and Audra join Kathy for a great discussion with Nick, the owner of Black Pearl Fitness. Kathy and her daughter are dedicated members of this gym that promotes a cross-functional training philosophy. We ultimately drag Leah, Nick’s girlfriend and trainer at Black Pearl into the conversation (she tried to duck out, but we are so happy that she relented and lent her expertise and viewpoint to the conversation). We do toss in a little autocross talk, but, if you are looking to start on a fitness journey this episode has some great advice on how to get started and what to look for in a gym or fitness facility. 

Podcasting directly from Black Pearl Fitness, NH
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Episode 44 -Harlequins and other tales

Kathy and Audra interview Jonah Delgenio, a longtime car enthusiast who talks to us about the history of harlequins (Volkswagen that is), the history of oval track and a bunch of other racing venues.  In 2012, Jonah found Lemons and has been racing with Lemons ever since. Like many others we have talked to, he expounds on the kindness and camaraderie that you find at Lemons. We also find out that Kathy never saw snow until she was 15!! Jonah has a well-rounded spirit of competition, beginning with BMX biking and currently to “not CrossFit” workouts/competitions. He is impressively and hilariously connected to track owners and makers of world-challenge cars. And believe it or not, Kathy met him at the gym. 

He has some seriously great stories that we will not ruin by mentioning here. So please listen to hear all about Jonah. You won’t be sorry, we’re not! We loved this interview. You can find Jonah and his team on Facebook and Instagram under Monkey House Racing.