Episode 26 – The Jack EN-sight

Audra, Jess and Kathy talk with Jack Nguyen about a variety of autocross topics including:

  • Looking ahead to plan your attack. 
  • How with Icecross everything moves a lot slower, you have to slow down your inputs to balance the car and how this can make you better at autocross.
  • How an alignment can help handling, depending on your drive train.
  • What an exhaust mod can do for you.
  • Scary clanking noises.
  • All the best highlights of National events, especially the food.
  • Don’t waste time spinning your tires when robbing a bank.
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Episode 23 – Ugly or Pretty – you decide

We tried something new, but that led to learning about how our brains do not like having a decision to make: it causes stress on the brain. We also decided that we are suffering from decision fatigue and talked about some car related stuff.

In this episode:

  • We talk a bit about front ends and general car design. Do people just hate the new designs because they are new?  So along those lines, we found something that hasn’t changed. 
  • We, yet again, contemplate what people are buying.
  • How do you Tai Chi yourself into the back of a MINI? Does it count as a workout?
  • Some cleaning tips, like spit and vacuum attachments. And while we were on that topic, we had some advice for car designers.
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Short Shift 4 – Cars and Coffee Take 2

Shifting Points sponsors Southern New Hampshire Cars and Coffee. Audra and Kathy talk when to switch tires, and convertibles and New England winters.They also had a great conversation with Cecily and Nathan about all things cars and Jason Hopkins who moderates the Citrus Racer Lounge which is all about Lemons racing. 

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Episode 22 – A Mint-y Conversation with Melanie

In this episode, it’s a full house as guest Melanie Kwong sits down with the ladies to discuss her experiences both pre and post-COVID autocrossing her MINI and S2000.

In this episode:

  • Spinny cars
  • Front wheel drive vs. Rear wheel drive
  • #Relationship goals
  • Less cones = clean runs
  • Why is there always a granola bar leftover
  • Lots of talk about MINI-love
  • Some Pro Solo and Novice tips
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Episode 21 – When Do You Stop The Madness?

In this episode Kathy, Elizabeth and Audra discuss the dilemma of older cars and when do you decide it is time to give up and stop fixing it?

In this episode:

  • We discuss Solo Nationals cancellation
  • Give some updates on COVID impacts
  • Is cost or time the biggest factor in deciding to stop fixing an old car?
  • How do you fool a used car sales person?
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Episode 20 – COVID – Course Design and Corn Muffins

BMWCCA autocross co-chair Matt Cweika and autocrosser and course designer Justin Chen join the ladies this week to talk about what it’s like to autocross in a post-COVID world. Justin also talks a little bit about what kind of thought goes into designing a course. Spoiler alert: A lot!

Justin Chen. Photo by Douglas Levy

In this episode:

  • Autocrossing a Lexus station wagon
  • Becoming a course designer for autocross
  • Post-Covid autocross events
  • Socializing at events post-Covid
  • Worker assignments with less people
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Episode 19 – Car Woes

The four ladies (Audra, Jess, Kathy and Elizabeth) sit down to talk about Kathy’s car woes, Elizabeth’s Porsche update, and how the first post-COVID autocross event went.

In this episode:

  • Flat tires and Audi brakes.
  • Power washers on fire, convertible tops that won’t retract.
  • Products for removing decal and plastidip residue.
  • Is the paint washed off your license plates? Newer ones are cheaper than you think.
  • Why it’s a good idea to find out how much transmission oil you need ahead of time.
  • Race car update!
  • Finding the wheel torque settings for your car.
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Episode 18 – The Best Co-Chair Ever

In this episode Audra, Jess and Kathy talk to Matt Cwieka, Co-Chair of the Boston BMW CCA Autocross program, who takes us on his journey from novice to competing nationally, including the story of all of his cars along the way.

In this episode:

  • Novice car errors
  • The slippery slope of autocross addiction
  • Blowing up cars and learning how to replace an engine
  • Being a Co-Chair is lots of work
  • How Covid will change autocross
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