Episode 27 – Citrus Racer Lounge and Hot Mess Race Group

Audra and Kathy have a conversation with Jason Hopkins, from Citrus Racer Lounge, and Roland Hahn, from Citrus Racer Lounge and Hot Mess Race Group. Jason is the admin and the creator of Citrus Racer Lounge in 2015 and it has grown to almost 5000 members. It is a hub for endurance racers to connect and share information. Roland has been racing competitively since 1984. He assists with Citrus Racer Lounge and is the co-owner and head mechanic for Hot Mess Race Group.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Different types of endurance racing, with Lemons being the clear favorite as the entry-level event. They tell us that Lemons is safe and cheap with very friendly people and great camaraderie amongst the competitors.
  • The best way to start Lemons is to find a team. Alternatively, if you start with a car the base price has to be $500, prior to all the work to make it safe (rollcage, brakes and other safety equipment).
  • Most Lemons races are about 14.5 hours. They usually only have 1 or 2 24-hour endurance races per year.
  • A good endurance driver needs to be very consistent. Roland recommends that drivers drive at 75% and leave room to make mistakes.
  • Driver comfort is key, even if that results in a wet seat. 

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